Getting A Littical Political On One More Thing

The title was good, no? Alright alright, as I sit here trying to blog about how excited I am about the Oscar’s, how intrigued I am over my latest guy questions (as always, I have… Continue reading

Questions: Kanye’s ‘Drunk in Love’ Remix

Alright, it’s good. Don’t even try to say that it’s not. The song was a hit before, but this is just…better. Yeah yeah, I know we all hate Kanye. He is sickeningly out of touch… Continue reading

My Reaction To “I’ve Never Met A Douchebag I Didn’t Love”

Sorry this is going to be pretty short and sweet, but I needed to give something a little break down because it’s absolutely necessary and I feel it is my duty to make some… Continue reading

OMT: Food For The Body and Soul

Sorry about the absence this past weekend, I hope you all had a super romantic Valentine’s Day, unless you are one of my exes and in that case, you can go f-ck yourself… Continue reading

Some Wisdom Into Getting Your Wisdom Teeth Removed

Getting your wisdom teeth removed impacts your life in many ways, some good and some bad. Here is my story, which will probably definitely be your story, too. You won’t want to, you… Continue reading

I’m Crying Now Too, Tom Brady

It’s interesting to see the things you learn when you are trying to win an argument. And last night what I learned broke my heart and shattered everything I know to be true, to a… Continue reading

OMT To Watch: Grease 2

I’ve been on such a movie kick lately, partly because there are so many good ones out right now and partly because exploring my own soul through film is how I handle this oppressive… Continue reading

A Recipe to Hydration Night

This one’s for all my girls out there! Now don’t be discouraged guys, y’all can do it too, but you’re gonna need to borrow some products from your girlfriends and probably not tell anyone… Continue reading

10 Things You Should Do Vs. Will Do on a Snow Day

In case you are blind or have been in a coma the past few days, we have had two and a half snow days just this week. I would normally be so happy about… Continue reading

Is Texting Ruining Our Dating Lives?

Originally posted on Thought Catalog:
Robert S. Donovan First of all, I get that texting exists and it’s all I do and I’m really not proud of it. However, I would never come…