New Year New You

New Year New Youfeatured

I want to start out by saying that making plans to blog for twenty-five days straight over Christmas when I can hardly keep a lunch date was incredibly ambitious. But I have a feeling that divulging all of my holiday secrets was going to be too overwhelming for you all anyhow–better luck next year. And anyway, this Read more

Sick Around the Holidays

Sick Around the Holidaysfeatured

“If you’re sick you shouldn’t be sad, because sad spelled backwards is das and das not gud.” – Confucius December may, in fact, be the busiest month of the year for every single person on planet Earth. We have dinners, dates, holiday get togethers, nights catching up with friends or family. It’s hectic. And when you Read more

The Benefits of Mistletoe at Your Holiday Party

The Benefits of Mistletoe at Your Holiday Partyfeatured

Holiday parties are the best, aren’t they? Getting together with your closest friends, sharing stories and beers, getting naked in the hot tub and having it be completely normal, delicately planning an entire secret santa event only to accidentally break someone’s RumChata gift and having to watch everyone play the secret santa game without you … Read more

Grandma’s Eggnog Cookies

Grandma’s Eggnog Cookiesfeatured

Grandma’s Eggnog Cookies Happy 10th day of Blogmas everyone! Are you having a blast? Sorry I haven’t exactly blogged *every single day.* But can you like, stop giving me that look (???) my computer was hijacked I told you that. Christmas time isn’t just about joy, hope, love, and cheer. It is also about getting fat. I’ve of Read more

The Night of St. Nick

The Night of St. Nickfeatured

I’ll start out by saying, I literally have no idea how to react to people who say they don’t celebrate the coming of St. Nick. Why have stockings? Why decorate at all? Why exist? For those of you who aren’t filled with the Christmas Spirit enough to know, St. Nicholas comes tonight! So make sure Read more

A Blogger’s Christmas List

A Blogger’s Christmas Listfeatured

Black Friday has come, Cyber Monday has gone, and yet I am absolutely sure that you’re not finished with your Christmas shopping, just like I’m sure that your personal Christmas List is not yet complete. I feel like the practice of detailing out a Christmas List is seriously undervalued, and here’s why. When I see a list from a Read more

A Christmas Anthem

A Christmas Anthemfeatured

Mary Did You Know that this song is everything? Happy second day of the (hashtag) 25 Days of Blogmas, everyone! I feel like you’ve been waiting all day for me to post? But I have this problem with being on time in that I don’t like to be. So there. In preparation for unveiling my Christmas List Read more

The 25 Days of Blogmas!

The 25 Days of Blogmas!featured

“Santa’s not real. It’s not logical. What about the reindeer? Have you ever seen a reindeer fly?” “Yes.” “Well I haven’t.” “Have you ever seen a million dollars?” “No.” “Just because you haven’t seen it, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.” -Neil and Charlie, The Santa Claus – Ew you’ve gotten so fat since we’ve last talked. Read more

OMT To Watch: Gone Girl

OMT To Watch: Gone Girlfeatured

I want to lie and tell you that over-hyped movies aren’t my style, but in truth, every mainstream movie that has developed a crazy following in recent years, I have gone to see in the theaters and become obsessed. Twilight was the first time I swallowed my “I’m different from everyone else” pride and launched myself into Read more