Everything Going On In My Sex Life

I have learned (both through countless hours of therapy and even more hours of sex radio) that if and when you decide to deal with your life, the best way to do it is… Continue reading

Why Ryan Gosling Picked Eva Mendes Instead of You

I don’t get why everyone is still making such a huge fuss that RYGOS is fathering Eva Mendes’ baby. Men turned fathers are so hot and also, the two aren’t currently together (or at… Continue reading

Take A Ride With Me: Trevor Edition

It’s September third, which prompts me to sincerely welcome y’all back to the devil’s home in the fiery pits of hell! Oops I mean school. As we break head first into the month… Continue reading

You’re A Bad Kisser and That Hurts Me More Than It Hurts You

I just want to start out by saying that I’m not admitting to when in time this post was written, so anyone I have ever kissed should not think that this is about them.… Continue reading

OMTKP Visits: A Place To Be Jazzed About

Let me set something up for you. It’s Thursday. You wake up in the morning and immediately catch a half hour stint of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, one where Will’s favorite friend… Continue reading

A Trend Revolution

It’s an interesting time in fashion right now for the stylistically conscious. The rules have changed to a new dynamic in which there really are no rules and anything goes. It’s mutiny for anyone who has… Continue reading

Kiley’s Kitchen: Farmer’s Market BLT

Happy Friday, y’all! I want to formally invite you to a new segment I like to call, “Kiley’s Kitchen.” Oh my God, I’m obsessed. If you haven’t already noticed because you are either daft… Continue reading

Take a Ride With Me: Angie Edition

Today, as we battle a case of the Mondays, I want you to de-stress by meditating on the single thing that unites all of our souls as a human race. Some might say it is “love”, but I have… Continue reading

A French Affair: Bastille Days

Bonjour, mon ami! Just kidding. With it being maybe the coldest Summer to ever hit God’s green Earth,  I have found it hard to venture full force into festival season. I did the Summerfest… Continue reading

Tell Me Baby is it Hazy?

Welcome to the week that I call the “Post Fourth of July Weekend Haze.” It is brutal for Americans, as we have all been exposed to an obscene amount of hot dogs, Lime-A-Ritas,… Continue reading