OMTKP Visits: A Place To Be Jazzed About

Let me set something up for you. It’s Thursday. You wake up in the morning and immediately catch a half hour stint of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, one where Will’s favorite friend… Continue reading

A Trend Revolution

It’s an interesting time in fashion right now for the stylistically conscious. The rules have changed to a new dynamic in which there really are no rules and anything goes. It’s mutiny for anyone who has… Continue reading

Kiley’s Kitchen: Farmer’s Market BLT

Happy Friday, y’all! I want to formally invite you to a new segment I like to call, “Kiley’s Kitchen.” Oh my God, I’m obsessed. If you haven’t already noticed because you are either daft… Continue reading

Take a Ride With Me: Angie Edition

Today, as we battle a case of the Mondays, I want you to de-stress by meditating on the single thing that unites all of our souls as a human race. Some might say it is “love”, but I have… Continue reading

A French Affair: Bastille Days

Bonjour, mon ami! Just kidding. With it being maybe the coldest Summer to ever hit God’s green Earth,  I have found it hard to venture full force into festival season. I did the Summerfest… Continue reading

Tell Me Baby is it Hazy?

Welcome to the week that I call the “Post Fourth of July Weekend Haze.” It is brutal for Americans, as we have all been exposed to an obscene amount of hot dogs, Lime-A-Ritas,… Continue reading

It Takes Serious Courage to Get Into an Accident

  Because it’s Memorial Day weekend (can you believe this weather?), I have been taking this time to remember the brave Americans who have put their lives at risk for our freedom, both… Continue reading

A New Approach to Kiley Kleansing

I know the question you’re inevitably asking. And the answer is NO, the Kardashian-Jenners are not the only humans on Earth who are allowed to alliterate their names, ok? So remember last week… Continue reading

Getting A Littical Political On One More Thing

The title was good, no? Alright alright, as I sit here trying to blog about how excited I am about the Oscar’s, how intrigued I am over my latest guy questions (as always, I have… Continue reading